Wildlife species in and beyond South Africa

The list of species has been extended in consultation with Mr Deon Furstenburg, Wildlife Scientist from the Agricultural Research Council, Irene.

This website is therefore a first attempt to consolidate all information into one "manual" that can be used by established as well as prospective wildlife ranchers - including rural communities who may be considering wildlife ranching as the most viable option for the resources at their disposal.

It will also serve as a tool for tourists, students, school pupils etc. in order to assist them with any information they seek with regards to any of the animals we have listed on this website.

We would like to thank our photographic contributors for granting us access to their work, most notably Mssrs Doug Lee, Marius Saunders and Deon Furstenburg.

Please click on one of the following links in order to view the animals listed within each category:

Big Five Game

Exclusive Plains Game

Plains Game