Game lodges in South Africa

Currently, there are more than  9000 privately owned game farms in South Africa  covering more than 17 million hectares of land, which in turn is expanding at an impressive rate of approximately 300 000 hectares per year.

Herewith a few interesting facts about game farms and tourism in general (Information provided by the South African Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism):

  • Game farms represent capital investments of approximately R6 billion.
  • They provide fifteen times greater job opportunities than cattle farming (and more skilled), and result in substantially higher per capita income.
  • Tourism is the third-largest earner of foreign currency for the country after mining and agriculture.
  • More than 6 million foreign tourists visited South Africa in 2005.
  • The money spent by these visitors contributed more than R57 billion to the national economy during that particular year. This includes all the expenses incurred by the visitors during their stay in the country.
  • The main attractions to these visitors are the nature based tourism facilities such as national parks and private game reserves.
  • Two of the three top tourist spots in South Africa are nature based, namely Table Mountain and the Kruger National Park.

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