Deon Furstenburg

Curriculum Vitae Abstract:

Tertiary qualifications

  • B.Sc. Zoology & Botany, Pta., 1983.
  • B.Sc. Hons. Wildlife Management, Pta., 1984. Dissertation: The feeding ecology of the impala, as part of the Savanna Ecosystem Program, CSIR., 103pp.
  • M.Sc. Wildlife Management, Pta., 1991.
    Thesis: The influence of condensed tannin upon the feeding ecology of the giraffe, 380pp.
  • Ph.D. Still in progress:
    Draft of Thesis: The influence of environmental and animal factors in sustaining production in semi-arid vegetation. 576pp.


  • Junior Captain Scott Memorial Medal (1992) – Awarded from the National Academy of Science, Art & Culture – The most outstanding M.Sc. thesis submitted at any South African University during 1991 and 1992. (elected out of 47 nominations from 17 tertiary institutes).
  • ARC-RFI Directors Awards ( Both 1994 & 1997) for outstanding technological performance.
  • Plume Award (2001) – from the East Cape Game Management Association – for Excellence in Wildlife Journalism.
  • World Association on Animal Production (2008) – Awarded the 2nd best presentation from 360 entries at the 10th World Congress on Animal Production (title of prsentation: Global climatic change & animal production; A factorial review.).


  • 2 years -- developing management strategies for SA Defense force nature reserves -- Corbadraai (Polokwane), Vhembe (Limpopo) and Riemvasmaak (Augrabies).
  • 1 year – research member of the 10yr Savanna Ecosystem Program of the CSIR at Nyslvley.
  • 3 years – scientist in the Kruger National Park
  • 1 year -- scientist at the Eugéne Marais Chair of Wildlife Management, Pretoria University.
  • 13 years – senior scientist for the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) in the Eastern Cape.
  • 5 years – senior scientist for the ARC in Irene, Pretoria
  • Acted since 1996 as professional wildlife and game production consultant.
  • Senior Lecturer in Game Management at Grootfontein Agricultural College (2000-2007).
  • Senior Lecturer in Game Science at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth (2003-2009).
  • 522 flying hours as manager of aerial game counts and ecological audit surveys.
  • 134 scientific and semi-popular publications .
  • 95 formal platform presentations (Congresses, Symposiums, Workshops & Farmers days, Radio & TV talks).
  • 13 international congress presentations.
  • 82 unpublished (consultancy) reports. Total professional experience in wildlife and game management = 28 years.

Fields of Expertise

1) Ecosystem dynamics
2) Eco-production optimization principles
3) Global climate change
4) Plant animal interactions
5) Habitat morphology and animal capacity
5) Animal science
6) Animal population dynamics
7) Evolution and animal development
8) Game and wildlife management
9) Game production
10) Game farm planning and business development